Facebook Paid Advertising Tutorials

Paid Facebook Advertising Tutorials

Having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in paid Facebook advertising campaigns, Nate breaks down the strategy that works for him. This is the perfect way to help scale your business once you have the foundations set up.


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Hannah & Nathan
Hannah & Nathan

Nathan Buchan (World Nate) & Hannah Martin (Intrepid Introvert) created the Wired Creatives curriculum & community to help individuals and business owners establish their brands, and scale their businesses online.

This inspiring couple built personal brands that sell millions of dollars worth of products each year; capitalising on the rapid growth of social media and digital marketing. Not only that, they have managed to build their lucrative business and stay on top of ever-changing trends all while living out a passion for travel. Both Hannah & Nathan spend 8-10 months travelling the globe each year, and are now celebrating their recent engagement in Prague!

Spending millions of dollars on successful marketing campaigns and working with many business owners, Nathan & Hannah have created this course to help you, the individual learn what's working, directly from them!

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