In any online business, you can use a lead magnet to give any interested person a taste of your product or service for free. In hopes, they eventually purchase something from you later on.

Growing up, we'd sometimes get a free sample of shampoo, or coffee in our letterbox. Well, a lead magnet just an online version of the same strategy.

We'll create a PDF guide or giveaway, or free course to our audience, and deliver it to them via email if they want it.

Once they enter their email address, we use an email provider to send out their freebie automatically.

From there, we have a sequence of emails scheduled to go out once a week over a month or more with different offers or giveaways they might be interested in.

Ultimately, the end goal is to have these people purchase.

Now, If we send useful or helpful emails on the topic they are interested in, we often get a good amount of buyers out of those who initially grab our offer or lead magnet.

And those that don't, we'll they are happy that they got something cool from you for free. and will likely become a fan.

If you don't have any free offers on the table, it might be worth a try in your business as a good way to acquire new customers and sales.

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