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We'll be covering what we do to work online and how we've been traveling the world for almost 5 years. We've identified three key points which have contributed to our success over the years. And these three points will be what we go over with you in the class!

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Nate & Hannah

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Hannah & Nathan
Hannah & Nathan

Nathan Buchan (World Nate) & Hannah Martin (Intrepid Introvert) created the Wired Creatives curriculum & community to help individuals and business owners establish their brands, and scale their businesses online.

This inspiring couple built personal brands that sell millions of dollars worth of products each year; capitalising on the rapid growth of social media and digital marketing. Not only that, they have managed to build their lucrative business and stay on top of ever-changing trends all while living out a passion for travel. Both Hannah & Nathan spend 8-10 months travelling the globe each year, and are now celebrating their recent engagement in Prague!

Spending millions of dollars on successful marketing campaigns and working with many business owners, Nathan & Hannah have created this course to help you, the individual learn what's working, directly from them!

"Hannah and Nate have been the absolute crux of my big steps for almost two years now. My passion is to travel, but I need money. When I saw them doing both full time I thought 'they're living the life that I'd love to' but I didn't think it was possible for me to achieve it.
But then I signed up to their membership and wow, did I learn a lot. I created a blog and other social media platforms and now have about 12,000 followers.
Through learning from their techniques and their own journey, I have been able to network and discover a whole new digital world.
I now work remotely full time from my laptop and am completely location independent. All I need is a power point and the internet. I live on one way tickets and it's always exciting with where I'll be next month.
Without Nate and Hannah, I wouldn't be where I am right now! They are the real deal and so glad I signed up. Han and I now chat and she keeps me motivated with my journey!"
~ Tracey https://www.askteetravel.com/blog

"Structure, routine and strategy, ladies and gentlemen. Those 3 elements have made me enjoy the ride so much more, and I see and do MUCH more in the places I visit, when I stick to the plan. (Thanks again Wired Creatives)
Thanks to Wired Creatives, I now have a much better and more efficient routine. And THAT is what you need as a creator and digital vagabond. Believe me - that was my biggest struggle, and the overwhelming realm of social media can seem intimidating when you are starting out! WC gave me the kick up the behind I needed, when I was almost at the point of giving up creating what I wanted to create.
I know I will stay on the road as a digital vagabond, and I made a promise to myself of hurrying up slowly, and keep working on my brand. The clarity gained, the structure I now have thanks to WC makes it much easier and more enjoyable.
Ive done research, Ive tried other programs, but this is all I ever looked for in one neat, well made package. Really!
I have my own lovely webpage now, I stick to my upload schedule on Youtube (2 videos every week), and I have 20 something drafts for blogposts, ready to be scheduled once I launch my blog on my webpage.MOMENTUM!
Thanks guys"
~ Daniel https://www.instagram.com/danielbryn/

"Marketing was a new-found passion of mine that I discovered in college. After graduating, I went straight into working a 9-5 office job. Within two years, I was burnt out and found myself wishing I had not started this lifestyle at such a young age. I remember thinking I have so much potential, creativity, and passion for what I do, and I was stuck in a small business with two other employees who were twice my age. I tried to convince myself I knew work is not always fun, but I found myself seeing friends going to happy hours or Instagram influencers promoting and traveling the world. I remember thinking I was miserable with where I was at with my life compared to everyone else.
This past January I started absorbing all the information that Wired Creatives provided me with, and I could not have been more awestruck by everything I was learning. The freedom, the ability to work remote, and the flexible hours were all very attractive. Eventually, after months of doubting myself and my ability to branch off on my own, I gained the courage through Wired Creatives to start my own freelance marketing company.
It was very scary thinking about leaving the security of this job, but as it turns out, it was not as terrifying as I made it seem to be in my head.
Now, I work completely remote, and best of all, I still do all the marketing for the small business I was working at in the past! Along with that, I have taken on three new clients in the span of a couple months. Without Wired Creatives I don't think I would have ever gained the courage to begin my journey of becoming a freelance marketer."
~ Catie https://www.linkedin.com/in/catherine-daus-b1582/